Don’t Make me Rap Those Knuckles (White Zombie + Einstok White Ale)

Don’t Make me Rap Those Knuckles (White Zombie + Einstok White Ale)

The Movie: White Zombie; 1932 Directed by: Victor Halperin

If you ever go to Haiti and meet a guy named “Murder Legendre”, don’t be around when he does this with his hands:

White Zombie Bela Lugosi Hands

But, chances are, you will already be trapped by his ability to arrest you with his gaze.

Scary Bela Lugosi

With myriad shitty horror movies on the docket, and some major gaps in my viewing history, I’m now instituting a periodic check-ins…

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Half-Vacuumed Filth and Fight Wine

Half-Vacuumed Filth and Fight Wine

The Beer: Elixir; Benedictine Groove Scotch Ale 5.3% ABV

Elixir Benedictine Groove

This brew requires a bit of explanation. I tried it when I was in Edinburgh, and it does, in fact, originate in Edinburgh as well. Not only is Benedictine Groove a Scotch Ale, but it has a lot of ingredients brewed into it that are definitively Scottish: namely Buckfast and tablet.

For those of you who are not familiar, Buckfast is a…

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It’s hard to stay quiet when you are on fire

It’s hard to stay quiet when you are on fire

The Film: The Quiet Ones, 2014 Directed by John Pogue

Usually what happens with a mediocre horror film is the following: I am intrigued by a frightening happening near the beginning of the film, and as the counter runs on, things become less and less interesting until I’m pressing fast-forward while characters run frantically through dark hallways.

With The Quiet Ones, things occurred in the…

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THE MOVIE: Oculus ; 2013 Directed by Mike Flanagan The plot centers around Tim Russell, played by…

THE MOVIE: Oculus ; 2013 Directed by Mike Flanagan

The plot centers around Tim Russell, played by Brenton Thwaites, who is just being released from a mental facility after being confined for killing his father. His sister Kaylie, played by Karen Gillan, has been waiting impatiently for his release so they can get revenge upon the real culprit in their parents’ murder.

This big-ass, terrifying…

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Pup Posts Volume 2: Dog Soldiers

Pup Posts Volume 2: Dog Soldiers

So Mama left me alone to go to someplace last week where they like to eat sheep guts and oatmeal, and I was kinda mad because I wouldn’t mind eating some sheep livers. Just not chicken livers because they make me go puuuuuhhhh….But anyway. She left me at grandpa’s house so I decided that I’d make another blog about this movie I saw with Mama before she left. She translated and edited it plus…

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Frankenstein just needs some s’mores, guys

Frankenstein just needs some s’mores, guys

SO this Saturday I did something that Ie should have done a loooooong time ago.

I got my friends (and the hubs) in on the beer-horror pairing fun. Turns out our dear friend and camping buddy, Aaron, is a Bigfoot-enthusiast. We decided that Bigfoot movie night was in order.

Usually I don’t expect people to get as excited about such things as I do, so I was pleased when Aaron and his wife, Markie,…

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Don’t drop the brown rye bread, man

Don’t drop the brown rye bread, man

Rye. A cover crop and a crop in itself. It’s great in sandwiches and even better brewed or distilled (can I get a holla from all my Bulleit fans?).

It’s also a major cause of werewolf attacks.

THE BEER: Bryeian (The Bruery)

ABV: 7% IBU: 155

Bryeian Beer The Bruery

Yeah. I know. This is my third post about a beer from The Bruery. But you know what? That’s ok. I’d recommend this one for people who are hop-heads but…

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Why I’m Never Going to a Nightclub Again

Why I’m Never Going to a Nightclub Again

Despite my overriding passion for the pub and pint, I’ve spent my fair share of time in night clubs.

Emily and Linda in Berlin

Me with my party-girl pal, Linda, in Germany.

My time in Europe especially, as cliche as I now realize that is, was full of night club shennanigans. To the point that for a little under 5 months I spent my weekend nights working in one. No matter how many clubs I frequented, however, I was always…

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Double Feature Beer Pairing: Weirdos From Another Dimension Edition

Double Feature Beer Pairing: Weirdos From Another Dimension Edition


I’ve read an acceptable amount of H.P. Lovecraft, and am in the midst of reading more to support this blog and my horror street-cred in general. Usually not one to complain about antiquated writing styles, I find his writing (and his dialogue in particular, ESPECIALLYwhen he tries to write in dialect) to be excruciating. The man, does not get it done for…

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Let Me In…and then hand me one of them bloody brews

Let Me In…and then hand me one of them bloody brews

Yo YO yo. Happy to be participating in Gore-a-thon 2014, and I submit some blood-red beer paired with one of the better vampire movies of the last several years.

THE BEER: Liefman’s Cuvee Brut — a Belgian fruit beer, aka a “Kriek”, brewed with fermented black cherries. (6% ABV)

This stuff brought on the sort of emotional catharsis that you don’t get all that often and that, for me, usually only…

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